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Casa Mia has a bedroom for everyone. We offer rooms with queen, king, or twin beds, and 2 suites that are perfect for families with children that want to sleep in the same room. This is the perfect setting for a family reunion, destination wedding, or multiple family vacation. The villa sleeps up to 22 people comfortably.
  • Stunning oceanviews
  • 50 steps to the beach
  • Outdoor shower, pool and rancho
  • WiFi, multiple flatscreen televisions & more
  • Beautiful outdoor kitchen
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Hermosa means beautiful in Spanish, hence Playa Hermosa is Beautiful Beach. Playa Hermosa is an exotic, gorgeous, 7 kilometer long beach. You will not find wild parties here, only the wild macaws squawking overhead as the waves roll onto shore. You will find tranquility and inner peace as you stroll this expanse of paradise. On one of your walks you may even have the opportunity to watch a baby sea turtle hatch from its shell and make its way down to the water. If you are looking for a true Costa Rican experience, this is the Beautiful Beach to visit.
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Playa Hermosa
Playa Hermosa is a small, surfer beach town with several excellent restaurants within walking distance. There is a small grocery store a block away where you can find the basics. The town has a laid back atmosphere and everyone has a smile on their face. Tranquility is one of the reasons you will love Playa Hermosa.
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